Messaging Based App Using Youtube Wordclouds

This is a design doc for a messaging based app to retrieve Youtube wordclouds.

Chuma S. Okoro
3 min readDec 6, 2022



As a user, I would like to get a wordcloud given a youtube video via text. Currently I can generate a wordcloud via, but it takes a long time. You basically need to log in to Pod Rank, find the Spotify video, get the matching Youtube video, and then generate the wordcloud.


Currently it is cumbersome to generate a wordcloud based on the comments of a podcast on Youtube. You need to do the following steps:

  1. Login and navigate to Spotify podcast on Pod Rank app. ie —
  2. Get matching Youtube video for the Spotify podcast
  3. Generate Youtube wordcloud


  1. Should be quick and easy where customers can send youtube videos and get the wordcloud instantly. No additional friction with having to type should be needed with typing a bunch of characters and doing multiple clicks
  2. Should be ubiquitous for all platforms (ios/android)
  3. Should be possible for us to monetize this feature using our current subscription

SMS/MMS Based approach

In the above approach, we will be utilizing Twilio to receive and send messages to individuals phone numbers. When we get a valid youtube link, we’ll go through our normal workflow to generate a wordcloud. Upon generating wordclouds, we will be uploading our files to an S3 bucket. If successful, we will send image text to user of the wordcloud using s3 url.


  1. Create websocket on Pod Rank server that accepts inputs from twilio and outputs regular text. validate by sending text to # and getting response from pod rank
  2. Authenticate request by using number of person who sent text. Validate where only pod rank…



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